Antonio Tammaro

Antonio Tammaro in Favignana is almost an institution. Favignana is so, lives of characters that become almost icons of the reality of the island, witnesses and protagonists of its history.
Yet Antonio has not always lived here. He was born there, he spent his childhood, and adolescence, but there was a moment when he chose to get away from Favignana. Or at least he tried.
"I had won a scholarship," he tells us, while the blue shadows of the evening descend on the Aloe Garden. "It was an opportunity not to be missed, so I chose to go to the Technical Institute of Turin and get involved in the study.When I returned to Favignana I had a diploma as a mechanical expert."
What does a mechanical engineer in Favignana do?
But above all, was this what Antonio really wanted to do?
While he was thinking about it, he needed him in his father's grocery store, and maybe that's when Antonio discovers, or rediscovers, the pleasure of dealing with sea products.
"I sold the tuna of various companies, until the case did not want me to start producing my own" he continues. "I started together with two great friends in 2004 with a small factory in Aspra, near Palermo.We also worked the tuna of the Mattanza Favignanese, the precious red tuna.You know the bluefin tuna? It is the one caught in May and June, tuna "running", more fat and rich. "

"The tuna to be good must be worked fresh, in a few hours" We like to eat the tuna, and often we do not question ourselves enough where it comes from, how it was worked.
For Antonio, on the other hand, it has always been fundamental to know well the origin and the history of the fish that arrived in his factory, and to personally follow every step of the production process. It is no coincidence that in 2008 his tuna was proclaimed Best Tuna of the year by the prestigious Gambero Rosso magazine.

"We must believe in it, only those who believe he realize it."


But Antonio tuna is not limited to producing it, it also sells it, its store is located in Via Nicotera and remains and will remain a historical shop. It offers tourists, and not only, all the specialties that have made the island famous, from the Mediterranean Tuna Fillets to the natural, the Fillets and slices of Mediterranean red tuna, the pampering of tuna, musciame and tuna salami , at the bottarga, and so on. And then anchovies, mackerel, vegetable paté and condiments of all kinds, as well as a rich selection of producers of Sicilian wines that go to genius, who share with him the love for tradition and care for the products. Antonio, a man of great will and entrepreneurial ability, wanted to make the product that was proposed in his wonderful island even better known, opening a shop at the port, Antica tipicheria Tammaro, where you could taste tastes and appetizers still spoken today. Favignana. But the commitment was too much and even with good will after more than 10 years he had to make the decision to close. But his delights still live in Favignana.

"I am a craftsman before a trader" is keen to specify. "Nothing is easy, nothing is achieved without effort, we need to make sacrifices and believe in it, we need to believe it, only those who believe in it, but I know that I offer only quality products to those who come to my shop."
And what does Antonio Tammaro have for the future?
Regarding his statement: "I will never retire, my job is a pastime, I feel tired, but I am still full of energy, I like people, I am an enthusiast of life, I also feel that I need to trust in the young there are many, good and willing, who want to revive the island, it is on them that we must aim, helping them to pursue their goals, investing our experience and skills. "
And if he says so ... force guys get in line.


Antonio Tammaro
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