"Red Head Sicily", on June 8th in Favignana the "PEOPLE FROM THE RED HAIRS" meeting

Reds (of hair) from all over the world unite!

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Julia Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, Sophie Turner, Damian Lewis, Prince Harry of Wales, Christina Hendricks, Michael Fassbender, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Lindsay Lohan, Laura Prepon, Lily Cole, Kate Mara, Emma Stone are some well-known characters in the world that have red hair.

Part of the charm of red hair seems to be related to its rarity, to the fact that it is a real genetic mutation; what is certain is that a bright red hair will hardly go unnoticed. To celebrate the "red people" the island of Favignana will host the first edition of "Red Head Sicily", a festival that brings together people with natural red hair, organized by the association with the patronage of the Municipality and the Pro Loco Egadi Islands. It will be a day of celebration with music, parade with street bands, photo contests, an opportunity to talk about light skins and the potential risks deriving from exposure to the sun.

The morning begins with the inauguration in Piazza Camparia of the village "Rossi a primavera". The morning will end with the parade of the participants up to Piazza Matrice, for the group photo contest with ten photographers of the "Gruppo Scatto - The colors of life". In the afternoon the music will be on stage and with the amateurs in disarray on stage. Who will stay on the island - in weekend formula - will be able to participate in the sunset aperitifs on the Praia beach, right in front of the former Florio factory. This event organized on the island of Favignana is the first gathering of Southern Italy, on the examples of other Festivals that have been organized for years in France, Germany, Holland, and cities like London, Dublin and Milan.

The island of Favignana was not chosen at random as the location of this event dedicated to red-haired people. The largest of the Egadi archipelago is in fact known throughout the world for the photos depicting Cala Rossa, so called because it is said that the sea was colored red blood during the battle, which took place in 241 BC, which saw the victory of the Romans on the Carthaginians. Not to mention the Mediterranean red tuna, which thanks to the commitment of the historic Castiglione family will return to being fished in the Tonnara di Favignana.

Among the numerous participants in the event, the presence of the "red" IENA Ismaele La Vardera was also announced.


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