Marettimo, art at every door

A special welcome

by Mida Casasco


The light is color and the color is light, and this is so true in Marettimo that they melt to give beauty even to the simple houses addresses. A fishing boat drifting to the harbor on the backdrop of a clear sky with seagulls, an impressionist sea made of waves resembling fish, a glimpse of the island in front of the promontory of the ancient castle, thewhite houses of the village overlooking the sea as the boats arrive... This is also the originality of Marettimo, as it is in the tradition for all the Egadi islands.

the addresses where people live speak about beauty

The passionate inhabitants of these white houses squandering the intense blue sky, make small ceramic molds, painted with art, and write on them the name of the householders; they do so to emphasize the love and affection to a land where the shades of life dazzle you in and around.

walking through the alleys there's a picture on each door

Images and landscapes of the island. parade along the streets like miniature paintings in square or round shapes under house numbers. You suddenly find yourself laying your gaze on a small painting exhibition open to everyone.

In Marettimo even the addresses where people live talk about beauty, colors and light.

They are rainbow addresses.


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