10 Sicilian proverbs that reveal great truths

by Siciliafan

Fonte: Sicilianfan

In the Sicilian proverbs great truths are hidden. The popular wisdom, since ancient times, has used the idioms to provide useful and "straight" advice to apply to everyday life. Thanks to the ease of memorization, proverbs have been handed down from one generation to the next: many have heard them say to their grandparents, then to their parents, passing them on to their children and grandchildren.

There is a proverb suitable for every occasion: for marriage, for work, for luck, for holidays, there is always a suitable phrase, able to give a smile or to reflect.

Today we have decided to collect and suggest 10 proverbs that reveal great truths: little pearls of wisdom, which can be useful to you. It is only a small part of the huge heritage in terms of Sicilian proverbs: tell us in your comments which is your favorite.

Sicilian proverbs for everyday life

‘A megghiu parola è chidda ca ‘un si dici.

(The best word is the one that is not said)

Cu’ perdi un amicu, scinni un scalino.

(Who loses a friend, goes down one step)

Voi sapiri qual’è lu megghiu jocu? Fà beni e parra pocu.

(Do you want to know which is the best game? Do good and talk a little)

Cu’ s’ammuccia soccu fa, è signu chi mali fa.

(Who hides what he does, it means he does something bad)

Acqua, cunsigghiu e sali a cu n`addumanna `n ci nni dari.

(Water, advice and salt do not give to those who do not ask for it.)

Geniu fa biddizza.

(Intelligence is beauty)

U bonu no vali cchiù di nu tintu sì.

(Saying no with grace is more than to say yes rudely)

Li guai di la pignata li sapi la cucchiara.

(The spoon knows the trouble of the pot) 

Lu Signuri duna viscotta a cù nun havi anghi.

(God gives biscuits to those without teeth)​

Nun ludari la jurnata si nun scura la sirata.

(Do not praise the day if the evening has not passed)


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