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New Albatros, in Via Vittorio Emanuele, has been a reference point for aperitifs in Favignana since 2015, but not only. In fact it is one of the few places that remains open even during the winter, when tourists desert the island, and the entrepreneurs outside, ended the season, return home on the mainland.
The New Albatros remains open, therefore, for the inhabitants of the island, and is not only a place to drink excellent cocktails, taste fine wines, and taste the delicious snacks based on local products, smoked tunaand swordfish, croutons with sauces of own production. Especially when the tourist season subsides, here you find yourself talking, making music, discussing social issues, the problems of the island and everything that happens there.
Gianluca, the manager, a former pastry chef, is particularly keen on claiming this role as a place of aggregation and exchange for his restaurant in the city center. He wanted from the beginning that the New Albatros was first and foremost a place for those who really live the island, all the time, even in the hardest moments. And it is probably no coincidence thathis was the only place that Gioacchino Cataldo regularly attended. The last rais, who passed away last July, had his table here, from where he observed with his fierce frown the flow of the walk and took reservations all day long.

They are conquering us, we resist

Gianluca started early, together with his very young wife. A boy and a girl in love with their island, intent on enhancing its beauty and protecting its heritage, too often depreciated by those who would make it a place of mass tourism.
"We are conquering, we resist," says Gianluca, with a pride that we like very much, which makes us feel as powerfully as the true spirit of the islanders, hard, indomitable people, has never died out, rather, reemerges in new generations with renewed force.
Linked to its territory, Gianluca does not reject the news for this reason. On the contrary, he is keen to keep himself informed, and travels in Italy and abroad, to attend fairs and events, to find out what can improve his activity and benefit the island.

People like to find a figure linked to the territory of the island, are increasingly rare

From this year he also runs another club, La Costa Sunset Bar & Bistrot, along the coast road of Mezzogiorno, Cala Trono. Here also organizes artistic events related to social awareness on the island, for example against pollution and plastic abuse. No coincidence that Gianluca's premises do not use plastic straws, but ziti. A La Costa is his father to do PR.
"People like to find a figure linked to the territory of the island, are increasingly rare" explains Gianluca proudly showing us the photos of his father who entertains guests at La Costa.
A family company, therefore, to carry forward a dream that seems to us really too good to be extinct.
Of dreams like this, Favignana needs more and more.

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