Two unmistakable symbols, the King of Favignana and the Queen of Lisbon. The red fin tuna that crosses the Mediterranean waters and the sardinha that ups the river Tagus to...Read more
It may have happened casually, but often nothing happens by chance. I was with my daughter Giulia and I was thinking about Johnny Depp, because we had seen together, a...Read more
Inside the island there is another island, which people do not know. The inhabitants of the island who get dirty with dust their shoes to see and admire the work...Read more
Sometimes things start like that, almost by accident. One shell is collected, then another, then another. You rinse it and look at it at home, away from its habitat. Details...Read more
Favignana. Limestone embedded in the treasure trove of two seas scattering their waters of emerald and lapislazuli. White stone, becoming dazzling splendor in summer, blazing sun, blazing salt that centuries...Read more
Those which cross Favignana Island are mostly dusty and white roads, protected by dry walls. Towards the faraglioni, instead, where the ground becomes greasy, the dust is red. Colors change,...Read more
In Favignana there are so many blue. Dark blue: intense, electric; the blue-green: peaceful, immense; the cobalt blue: enchanting, poetic; and blue turning to white as the wind swells the...Read more
"Donkey" are a childhood memory for me, when, looking at my grandmother's gate, I watched fascinated Ersilia, one of the elderly women in the country, in the courtyard, still working...Read more
When the sea is angry, we do not have to go in, Peppe the fisherman says, and when the weather is bad he repairs nets and traps. Nobody understands the...Read more
Impertinent seagulls look at you. Vain cats pose as models for tourists in the harbor. Busy ants carry in single line wild fennel seeds. Dogs stroll through the square and...Read more
Love is the key to everything. The key that opens Favignana's secret door, the sea butterfly where nothing is obvious. The love that the new barbarians, thrown from the hydrofoil...Read more
In the morning, before the sun starts tanning the skin and inviting tourists to the beaches, it is the moment when Favignana shows his most authentic face; it is the...Read more
After several attempts I managed to do take root, in the Po valley, some seedlings of capers on the sunniest wall of my house. The reason? I'm in love with...Read more
The light is color and the color is light, and this is so true in Marettimo that they melt to give beauty even to the simple houses addresses. A fishing...Read more
It takes just a few days to enjoy the beauty, the nature, the inhabitants and the little tourism, but it’s enough to give you an idea of how charming and...Read more
Favignana, in May, is an unusual journey, full of surprises. The island is awakening from the winter numbness, but the wind still agitates the sea with continuous splashes. If, however,...Read more
It's never cold in Favignana. The only memory I have of a cold, really cold day, it is 30 December 1999. The day when I saw my father lying dead...Read more
Since we were children we had to learn to weigh stones with bare hands. It was a work of precision, order and harmony, an art handed down from generation to...Read more
"The mattanza was a celebration, always. It was like a sacred ritual, punctuated by cialome and prayers, but also by a force that united us all." Emilio’s eyes dampen with...Read more
Io sugno sutta a stu scogghio e vio sta gente srana chi mi talia cu sti cose curiuse mise 'ntallocchie. Pinso subito: "Iddre sunno i scorfani! E quanto malusangu fanno...Read more
She waves slowly, the butterfly on the sea. To the north the cliffs of Cala Rossa, where the fiery sunsets paint the distant echo of the battle that bloodied the...Read more
"I was just a boy when I first entered the Florio Plant. I was a painter. Mr. Parodi, the owner, welcomed me as a son and he always loved me...Read more
There are so many rumors about Favignana quarries: even though everyone had warned me that I would not have found peace in that place, I prepared my luggage and I...Read more
Li sto aspettando da più di un'ora. I capelli mi stanno bene e la veste che indosso è la migliore che ho. Peppe l'ho fatto sedere sulla sua sedia preferita,...Read more
My name is Bugghio because my father was called that, this is my “inciuria” (nickname). My father was a good giant, two meters and five centimeters tall, and my mother...Read more