She waves slowly, the butterfly on the sea. To the north the cliffs of Cala Rossa, where the fiery sunsets paint the distant echo of the battle that bloodied the...Read more
"I was just a boy when I first entered the Florio Plant. I was a painter. Mr. Parodi, the owner, welcomed me as a son and he always loved me...Read more
There are so many rumors about Favignana quarries: even though everyone had warned me that I would not have found peace in that place, I prepared my luggage and I...Read more
Li sto aspettando da più di un'ora. I capelli mi stanno bene e la veste che indosso è la migliore che ho. Peppe l'ho fatto sedere sulla sua sedia preferita,...Read more
My name is Bugghio because my father was called that, this is my “inciuria” (nickname). My father was a good giant, two meters and five centimeters tall, and my mother...Read more