Island hospitality

Searching for stories

by Camomilla


Inside the island there is another island, which people do not know.

The inhabitants of the island who get dirty with dust their shoes to see and admire the work of the old farmers are few. Tourists often only want sea and sun. And here in Favignana certainly those are there in abundance. We, my group and I, are looking for simple, beautiful people who, when they tell you, involve you, make you feel part of their lives.

They share without fear, because only those who have and have had a rich and full life, they enjoy to making you part of it. Their hands are dirty with earth, sweat, black between toes, often bare-chested, sunburned skin. But kindness is their name, friendliness and sense of hospitality, they are the embrace that welcomed us "strangers" in search of stories.


Taste & Knowledge

Voci da Favignana
by Umberto Rizza
Landscapes and tastings
by Guido Conti
A different view
by Manuela Soressi